After using the Cleopatra LED Mask for several months now an in depth review of this particular light therapy mask is in order. If you’re reading this chances are you are very well aware of the benefits of light therapy already. If not? To be straight to the point, it has a wide range of applications from plant growth, athletic recovery time, hair regrowth, and of course skincare. All of this is backed by numerous studies over the decades. 

Perhaps the general public has only heard about light therapy in more recent years due to the rise in availability of at home devices. Even some electronic exfoliators are now using light therapy! But we likely have only heard of such lately because these type of devices were reserved for professional clinics, salons, and spas previously. Now there are companies such as Cleopatra that sell their LED beauty mask directly to home consumers.

Before you move on....

We want you to know you should still seek advice from your own dermatologist or aesthetician before making a decision to see if light therapy is for you. This especially applies if you take any sort of medication that causes sensitivity to light as well as those that are allergic to light (yes it’s a thing!). Nothing written here shall be taken as medical advice despite professional opinions. That being said, let’s break down the 7 things you should know before purchasing the Cleopatra LED mask.


#1 This mask has 192 LEDS...

which is more than other masks in it’s price range of $200 - $500 USD. The benefit of having more LEDS is that you’ll have more focused coverage in all parts of your face and neck vs let’s say 66 which is spread thinner. 


#2 It wouldn’t be very clear that this mask has neck coverage...

if you looked at the mask alone without a human model to reference. But it indeed covers the entire neck which is part of your most important asset, your face. Your neck shouldn’t be neglected in your routine so this is a big benefit for this mask. 

Image credit: Cleopatra

  • #3 The Cleopatra LED mask has a total of 7 different wavelengths...

    that you can use. You might not use them all but it certainly is nice to have both Red for anti-aging and Blue for anti-acne at the very least. To break down the other colors you have purple which is a combo of red and blue. Then you have green which is great for anti-inflammation, dark spots, and oily skin. Yellow for reducing redness (particularly from the sun) as well as rosacea and skin texture. Got swollen capillaries and inflammation? Cyan will be your friend for that. Finally you have White which penetrates the skin deeper than red and treats you with anti-inflammation, boosts skin metabolism, and tightens/firms up the skin.


#4 This beauty tech gadget is wireless....

Many masks out there are still constricted to an outlet and are bulky. This one lets you move around freely and completely without any wired remotes. If you’re somebody who wants to or needs to multi-task then this feature will be your friend.

Image credit: Cleopatra

#5 The tap to change settings is nice but...

takes a few times to get used to. When we first got the mask we had to tap around a bit before memorizing the three tap areas perfectly. If it was marked it would be easier to navigate but then that would take away from the aesthetics of the mask? We already know we look like ridiculous glowing robots.


#6 The case is a really beautiful touch...

Even the most high end masks don’t have a case like this for some unknown reason. While not necessary it does complete the experience and lets you store it away easily. 

Image credit: Cleopatra

#7 It Takes Time To See Results...

Like any LED light treatment, it's not an overnight miracle. While we have had client’s claim that they have seen a difference in one treatment, we think it’s more of a placebo or there may have been an external factor. Sure it may be possible since we all react differently but light therapy is something that generally takes consistency. That is why you'll see A-List clients get treated for a month or longer before a big event. So if you are one to shy away from being consistent in making this a regular part of your routine, light therapy may not be for you. 


This is a well rounded mask and is competitively priced to outshine and outperform other masks. It feels pretty lightweight but sturdy and has eye protection to guard your eyes against light. Is it our favorite mask? Probably a solid number 2 but certainly our favorite mask in that $200 - $500 price range.

Could there be improvements? Yeah we think the biggest improvement would be changing the USB type to USB type Mini B to USB type C for charging. But that’s being nit picky! If you thought the days of struggling to find which way you insert your usb cord were over, it’s not quite done yet. Maybe they will see this and make a change in the future.

UPDATE 11/1/22: Looks like they listened and updated to a USB type C! Same type that the future iPhone 15 will be moving to.

Finally, this isn't a replacement for your whole skincare routine. It may be able to replace some products since ingredient based anti-acne products cause aging and anti-aging products cause acne... which can be a shocker to some. But that is what makes light therapy for skincare so great because it's non invasive and contains no counteracting ingredients. However, it's not going to moisturize or exfoliate your skin and it's certainly not going to protect you from the sun. So you still gotta SPF up!


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- Kathryn Shaffer